As many have seen we have renewed our site, we have moved most of the pages to the new site. Many of the older and obsolete pages where removed. We are still in the process of moving some older pages over to the new site. If you are missing some specific information let us know via the contact form. To buy our products visit our online store at:

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The Dutch Computer Chess package for everyone, novice or experienced players are invited to play. ChessPartner has various levels of play and can take many challenges. Read more... or check our downloads page to download an evaluation version.

SmarThink 1.20 is the new version of this well-known Russian engine. More than a year was spent on improving the SmarThink algorithms which brings the engine to the list of the world-top engines again. There are no human or software players in the world that are completely invulnerable to the SmarThink attacks. SmarThink has an interesting attacking style especially in pawn endings. More....

Ktulu 9.0 by Rahman Paidar is a strong chess game with playing strength  better than Gandalf 6. Ktulu has a unique active and interesting playing style and a strong endgame, even without the use of tablebases. Sometimes it likes active positions regardless of whether the opponent has a dangerous attack or not. The latest ChessPartner  interface is also included. More info here...

Using new search algoritms this version is at least 80 points stonger than the 2004 version. With Chess Tiger 2007 another jump forward is made. As a Lokasoft special we have included a UCI version of the engine, this version can not only be used in ChessPartner, but also in other GUI's such as Chessbase or Arena. With this package you will have an opponent which is very hard to beat. Click here for more information and on-line ordering.

This is the long awaited windows version of Ed Schroders Rebel program. Rebel 12 comes with the ChessPartner interface. The engine is programmed using the so called Winboard Protocol, this makes it possible to use the engine under other interfaces.
Rebel is famous for its playing strength and is feared among the world top chess players, Rebel for example never lost a serious match against the top chess players of the world. Read more...