Last updated: november 17, 2003
On this page you find a list of engines tested with the ChessPartner Winboard adapter. For each engine some information is given and a download link.

Most of these engines are build by amateurs and totally outside our control, they are generally free of charge. Therefore we can not take any responsibility about there proper functioning.

The configuration settings for the tested engines can be found in this sample engineext-sample.ini file. To use it just copy the relevant sections from it.

If you like to see your favorite engine added to this page, please send a message to the webmaster.

Engines tested and working well
COMET B27 ( no ponder ) . Strong , very balanced engine . Has own configuration file Comet.ics , download program at
Crafty 17.14 . Probably still the best free winboard engine . Very strong in endgames and quiet positions.
Has own configuration file Crafty.rc . Download program at
you should also download crafty.doc.ascii there for additional information .
Gandalf 4.32f ( commercial ) Strongest available Winboard engine; great attacker
GnuChess 4.16 Good middleclass engine although already a little outdated. Included in Winboard setup . A real challenge to try to beat it.
GnuChess 5.0 A young program that sometimes plays quite interesting; strength similar to GnuChess 4.16 . Good tactics , miserable endgame. Included in Winboard setup.
Little Goliath Gold 2.9 Great solver , very strong in tactics , weaker in positional play. About as strong as Crafty ! Has own configuration file goliath.ini ( settings explained very well in readme ). Download at
Zephyr 0.61 (will sometimes lose on time ( Zephyr's problem )) A new engine but no weakie ( I suspect about ELO 2000 ) . Try it out : you will have to play very carefully to be able to beat it . Download at
Nimzo2000b ( commercial ) ...
Phalanx XXII . Phalanx main strength is a very good understanding of King safety . It will often beat you or other programs with beautiful attacks but sometimes also lose to weaker opponents . Not much weaker than Crafty.
Download engine and book at
Gromit 2.20 ( yeah , I love this one :-) , uses now uncommon Edwards tablebases). Very slow searcher , strong in positional play . Playing Gromit 2.20 often feels like playing a strong human player . Get it at  and enjoy. Needs own configuration file Eval.cfg and cygwinb19.dll to work ( explained well in Readme ) . Be careful when changing the default hash settings ( needs a little maths as it is calculated in bytes written in form 2 **n * size of entry).
Yace 0.23 - Yace ( y-et a-nother c-hess e-ngine ) was the newcomer of the year 2000 . Very competitive engine , strength near Crafty . Yace's special power is its great blitz play .
Note : Yace has own config-file yace.ini to adapt hashtables et al .
Download the engine at:

If you don't want to create an opening book for yourself download a good one at ( ca.3.1MB) .


Bringer 1.7 -"Der Bringer" is a good , balanced engine that should be a challenge for everyone ( I suspect ELO about 2350 ).
It keeps getting stronger - beat it while you still have a little chance :-)
Be careful : Bringer has a fully functional pretty GUI that will always be started ; adjust the specific parameters you want to adjust ( like hashtables) there , then minimize it to play against it in the Chesspartner/Tiger GUI .

The latest versions are always available at .


Engines tested and not working
Amy 0.7 ( let's Tiger crash ; doesn't send moves in the format Tiger expects them )
Latest news. Got report Amy is working, version unknown.
AnMon 5.09 ( crashes too )
AnMon 5.10 works but moves to fast.
SOS 11/99 ( hangs )
Ant 4.16 ( similar to Amy )
Fortress 1.62 ( Loading crashed whole computer , afterwards again all Winboard engines broken :-(( )

The information on this page is based on contributions made by Peter Berger and others.