Using Rebel database with Rebel 12

Rebel 12 has some limited but useful support for the DOS Rebel's .DAT database format. As this is not very clearly in the documentation we attemp a step by step description of these functions.

Rebel 12 has the following options:

  • Convert Rebel .DAT database to PGN
  • Search postion in .DAT database
  • Convert PGN to .DAT

All these function are accessed via the 'Engine properties..' which can be accessed by pressing F4 or via the Extra menu.


As the results of these actions are shown in the Engine info misc window make sure you have that window visible. 

For the database functions to work the first step is to fill in the name of the rebel .DAT database in the database field (when selecting that field a button will appear which accesses the file browse dialog). The second step is to fill in the filename of a pgn file in the pgnfile field. If this file does not exist it will be created.

Now you are ready for some action; to convert a Rebel .DAT database to PGN click on the line labeled Rebel database to PGN, A button will appear, clicking on that button will start the conversion process.


Although the message says it is done, in fact the action is now in progress as you can see in the Engine info misc window. So just click OK and close the engine properties window.


Once the conversion is finished the resulting PGN file can be opened in ChessPartner using the normal database functions. Conversion in the other directorion is also possible, in that case just select the PGN to Rebel database action.

The last function is the option to search games containing the current position. This works the same as the other two function. First make sure the position you want to find is on the board, then call up the engine properties dialog, fill in the database and pgn file names. Click on the Search position line and do the action. The result is only games containing the current position are copied to the PGN file.