Nalimov Tablebase Server

Feb 2014. This applet may not work if you have Java version 7 update 51, in that case a security error may be shown. For a workaround see this article:

This is an experimental Nalimov Tablebase Server. All 3,4, and 5 piece endgames are available. To use it just enter a FEN string in the box above and press the submit button or setup a position by dragging the pieces. After a short time the textbox will show the result for the position and results for the possible moves. Result is the distance to mate or 0 if the position is a draw. You may carry out one of the moves in the list by selecting the move of choice and pressing submit or by double clicking the move. After that you will receive the new position with the new scores and moves.

For programmers; the service is also accessible from within your own application. See here for information.


If the server has not been used for some time, the initial response may take a bit long.

Positions where castling is still possible are not in the Tablebases, therefore entering a position where castling is possible gives a result as if castling is not possible.

You may send your suggestions and feedback through our feedback  page

Release history

Fixed bug en-passant status bug. This would sometimes return incorrect results in positions where a double pawn moves was possible but did not lead to e.p. capture possibility. Sample position:  1k6/3K1p2/8/8/8/8/P5P1/8 w - -

Fixed bug with duplicate moves when position contained a black bishop.

Fixed problem where a illegal position could make some tablebases inaccessible.
Moves are now sorted by there scores, best move(s) are displayed first.

Added proper handling of en-passant status.

Some bug fixes.

Initial version.