Due lack of updates we have temporarily suspended sale of this program.


25nov2001 - The first release available !

We are pleased to announce the availability of Pocket ChessPartner 1.0. Since the last beta some bugs have been fixed and a few new features have been added. 

The introduction price is $15 (normal price $19).

Download evaluation version

The Pocket ChessPartner main screen  

With Pocket ChessPartner you can play chess everywhere.

Pocket ChessPartner is the little brother of ChessPartner. 


♦ Attractive board. Select from two different piece sets.
♦ Color support. Either use black on white or attractive colors.
♦ Very easy to use. Makes the moves by tapping on the piece or by dragging the piece.
♦ Load / Save PGN games. PGN files can be used to exchange games with your favorite PC chess program.
♦ Full support for PGN variations.
♦ Strong Chess engine.
♦ Opening book with 10000 positions. Owner of the PC version of ChessPartner can even exchange their own created books with Pocket ChessPartner.
♦ Unlimited take back and  move forward. Quickly navigates through your saved games using the keypad.
♦ Shows computers thinking.
♦ Unlimited different levels.
♦ Setup position.
♦ Permanent brain. The computer thinks during the players turn.
♦ Analyze mode. Just browse through a game an let Pocket ChessPartner think about the game. Use it to analyze your own games and improve your play.
♦ Shows complete game. Just one touch of a button shows you the complete game.
♦ Gives a hint. If you need some help, just tap the 'hint' button.
♦ e-mails games. Ideal for correspondence players.

Full PGN support including variations.

The Options page.