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· PlayChess - offers online chess tournaments and casual games for players from beginners to masters. The games are played on online chess boards with a time schedule in the order of one move per day. The site offers include annotating your games, thematic tournaments, rating calculation, PGN downloads and much more.
· Alexandra Kosteniuk - is the Woman's Vice World Champion (2001). Read her new book “How I became grandmaster at the age 14"
· World Chess Live - ... the World's best for Internet Chess.
· Chess Kit - Chess is an Ocean, Why just surf when you can come along for a cruise with us.
· Academic Chess - Bringing chess to schools
· Chess Area - Two free chess lessons a week, free web hosting, domain at your choice, personal trainers and much more!
· Internet Chess Club - The World's Most Active Chess Club.
· Tim Mann's Chess Page - Tim Mann is the author of the Winboard program. On his site you can find information on GNU Chess, XBoard, WinBoard, Crafty, Internet Chess Servers, Zippy, Chess Web Sites, Chess FTP Sites, and more!
· Chess Shop - America's largest Chess Store
· Rebel Home Page - is a Dutch chess software developing company devoted entirely to chess, there main product is the Rebel program. (Now handled by Lokasoft)
· Atlantic Games - Play chess at your own pace!
· - The Chess House... serving chess enthusiasts since 1972
· Dr Hyatt Chess papers - Contains a number of technical articles about computer chess. Mainly of interest for programmers who wants to write their own chess program.
· Nalimov Tablebases - On this ftp site you can download the Nalimov tablebases
· Ed Schröders Chess Page - By the author of the Rebel Chess programs
· - Online chessdatabase and community
· Pocket PC reviews - Chess Programs for Pocket PC and Palm devices by Dr. Axel Schumacher.
· Nalimov tablebase - Altenative site to download the Nalimov tablebase from
· - Ed Schröders Chess history page
· Chess Games Download - Download free chess games and chess softwares from, the premier chess server on the net.
· Chess Sets - Online retailer of chess sets, boards, tables and pieces in wood and marble.
· Chess Puzzels - Chess Puzzles for the Casual Player
· - About Chess, chess openings, learning chess, the program Bookbuilder, etc.
· Online Chess Games, Chess Learning - Download to learn chess online at IchessU! The #1 place for learning chess in an interactive way! Download Chess learning platform to help you to learn & play chess in a class room style with the chess mentors through their multi-path real-time interactive virtual classroom.

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· The Register UK - IT news
· - Free download audio softwares including cd ripper,burner,mp3 converter,wma,midi,mp3 management...
· Qweas - Search Software, Download Software, Buy Software, and so on.
· Play online games - We Offer a variety of online games including Brain/Puzzles,cards,Classic games,Skill games and action games.. Almost all our games have a high score option.

· - Here you find the best internet games
· - Software download Center.
· - Shareware reviews etc.
· - Dedicated to Pocket PC games.
· - 1st and best software download directory on the net
· Download That - Software news and download directory
· Free Downloads Zone - Your online resource for Free Downloads!
· - Free Downloads at
· - Fast download site
· - Free downloads
· Softpedia - Encyclopedia of free software downloads!
· Discoveres - Shareware search engine
· - Full download PC games and software magazine
· YourTurnMyTurn - At you can play 25 different online classic and modern boardgames against other human players. Games include chess, checkers and backgammon.
· Mahjong Games - Play the best Mahjong Solitaire Games online, Mahjong Fortuna, Mahjong Towers, Mahjong 3D and Mahjong Connect
· SoftArea51 - Lokasoft Downloads On SoftArea51
· Sudoku Games Collection - The best Sudoku Games Online! - The Times Sudoku, Sudoku Challenge, Zylom Sudoku, Life Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku and Daily Sudoku.
· Tetris Games Collection - The best Tetris Games Online! - Mario Tetris, Neave Tetris, Nuclear Tetris, Fallobst, Kokoris, Tetris and Multilevel Tetris.