How to create opening books in Ruffian 2

The Ruffian engine can only make use of .BOK format opening books. To create your own book in this format follow the following steps:

- First you need to have a PGN file which can act as source of the opening book, e.g mybook.pgn

- Then open a DOS command prompt and naviagate to the directory where the Ruffian engine is installed.

- Now give the following command:

ruffian -I mybook.pgn -B ruffian.bok -D 60 -P 4

Where 'mybook.pgn' is your pgn file and 'ruffian.bok' is your new opening book. Be aware this will overwrite your existing 'ruffian.bok' file so be sure to keep a copy.

With '-D' you specify the deepest line and '-P' tells minimum number of time a move must have been played.