How can I use the ChessTiger 2007 engine in ChessPartner 6

The native version of the engine gives a license error.

As workaround use the UCI version of the engine.

To install this version proceed as follows.1) Install  the CT2007 packed (click on the installer,  enter you license code, etc.)2) Start ChessPartner 63) Click on Extra -> Engine Import wizard4) Navigate to the directory where the ChessTiger engine resides, default this is: C:\Program Files\Lokasoft\ChessPartner5.4\engines\chesstiger20075) Select the ChessTiger2007UCI  exe file.6) In the next dialog give the engine a name e.g ChesTiger 2007 UCI) Finish the wizard.8) Now you should be able to select the ChessTiger 2007 UCI engine from the engine menu.