How can I uninstall a winboard/uci engine

The list of engines is stored in the ENGINEEXT.INI file, to remove an engine from the list simply edit this file and remove the complete section starting with: [Some engine] Console=1 EnginePath="C:\Program... read more

Pocket ChessPartner seems locked while starting

  Problem: My Pocket ChessPartner (fully registered) seems to be locked into a loop. On starting, Pocket ChessPartner just keeps on looking like it's opening but it doesn't. I think this first happened when I (in error) exited the program and... read more

SmarThink 1.00 options

What options can I set in the SmarThink.INI file ? SmarThink options info ====================== There are two ways to customize SmarThink. The first is to edit SmarThink.ini and the second is to use UCI engine settings. The settings in ini-file ... read more

Rebel 10 not working under Windows vista or Windows 7

Rebel 10 does not work onder Windows Vista or Windows 7. Workaround is to install Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, then install windows 98. In w98 edit config.sys; add the line files=20, then edit autoexec.bat, remove the EGA lines. Now install Rebel 10... read more

Rebel 12 Levels

Problem: In the Games>Levels tab, I see time control and depth control levels. I thought there were standard novice, advanced, and various personality levels as is Chessmaster. How do I access those? Solution: The personalities are accessed via... read more

Help not working with Vista or Windows 7

NOTE: ChessPartner 6 is fully compatible with Vista and Windows 7. This article only applies to ChessPartner 5.x and before. After installing ChessPartner on Vista or Windows 7 the online help does not work. This is because the windows .hlp... read more