** End of life. Product no longer available **

After several years of silence around Gandalf, the author has finally released a new version. With this version Gandalf 6 made a giant leap in strength which brings it back to the top of the field. The engine is especially improved in the positional play with the help of correspondence-grandmaster Christian Kongsted; further improvements are made in all aspects of game play. Comes with a large optimized opening book containing more than 2 million unique positions. The latest ChessPartner 5.3b interface is also included.

Gandalf 6 Summary

� Included both a native CP engine and a UCI/Winboard engine. The UCI/Winboard engine can be used in your favorite interface.
� Both versions have multivariation-mode.
� Search is on average 2 plies deeper than Gandalf 5.
� Much more knowledge in engine.
� Hash memory size extended to include 400,800 and 1600 Mb.
� Includes Positional learning.
� Includes 6-piece EGTB support.
� Opening book optimized by Dan Wulff and now includes >2.2 Million unique positions.
� Playing strength, estimated ~ +100 ELO over Gandalf 5.
� Latest ChessPartner GUI included.
� Analyse your games.
� Play on the Internet.
� CD-ROM version has all 3 and 4 man tablebases plus the most important 5 man tablebases.
New ! In update 1 support for personalities has added. Check here for more info.

For results see our games section.

... and to make the package complete, we have included the old 4.32 and 5.1 versions of the engine ...