Does the Novag Universal Chessboard work with ChessPartner or ERT ?

We received the following tips from a customer:

Novag Universal Chess Board driver for human play against Chess Partner engines

Luc Porchon's driver is available from a link on

Suggested procedure

- load ucb.exe into ERT with the Chess Partner engine wizard. Set all features like ponder to off.

- the default ERT engine protocol seems to work fine (eg castling, queening OK).

- ERT match parameters are set to play one game, play to the end and unlimited time so human play isn't halted mid game.

- switch on the Novag board first, then open ERT

- in ERT, load Novag board engine first to play as white or load a Chess Partner engine to play as black.

- after game finish, close down ERT before switching board off, otherwise PC may hang.


- the last move by a Chess Partner engine for check mate is displayed in ERT but doesn't activate the final Novag board move.

- take back of pieces on board is not supported (but as in real play!)

Disclaimer: Above procedure offered at PC users own risk