ChessPartner 6.0 is the long awaited successor of ChessPartner 5.4.

Some highlights

  • Windows vista and windows 7 compatible
  • Enhanced opening book manager
  • Speed up book import
  • Native PGN Read/Write/Update support
  • Many small bugfixes

We have done many changes to make ChessPartner compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 User Account Control. First we make use of the windows installer and we carefully changed the way files and settings are stored. So it no longer necessary to run ChessPartner as administrator.

One of the biggest changes is the opening book manager. Its now possible to have upto 8 books open in parallel, further editing book moves properties is greatly simplyfied by allowing direct edits in the book moves windows. Another new feature is 'move coloring', this priority of a move is now color encoded which make it much easyer to see the good and bad move. Last but not least it now possible to add your own comments to the book moves. These comments are stored independent from the book where they where made, this means if you have another book open and come to the same position the comment will be shown.

The Moves tab in book window shows the book moves possible from the current position.

ChessPartner 6.0 book window

The following columns are available:

  • Move - This is the move, the move can have some additional symbols with it such a ! for good move or - for non playable move. For the meaning of the move colors see the "Move Coloring" section.
  • pri - The priority of the move, this is the numerical encoded color of the move, some may prefer to use this value over looking at the color of the move.
  • bk# - If more then one book is used, this field indicates from which book the move comes.This is especially important when editing the values of this move.
  • flg - This indicates the previous color of the move. A move can be marked temporarily as no play, then the flag contains it original color.
  • Score - If available in the book, this is the score of the move as seen some the color to move.
  • White - Number of times this move resulted in a win for white.
  • Black - Number of times this move resulted in a win for black.
  • Total - Total number of times this move is played.
  • Learing - The accumulated learning score. Note that this value depends on the learning strength and variation settings. The value is recalculated when these settings are changed.
  • ECO - The ECO code and descriptive text of the opening.
  • SScore - Score calculated from the win / loss statistics. Can be used to select the move on.
  • %Played - Relative number of times this move is played in relation to the other moves in this book.
  • Comment - In this column you can add your own comment. The comment is tied to the move in the current position, and is stored independent of the currently selected books. This means the comment is also available if you are using other books.

The book import is now about 100 times faster than in the previous version. This makes it a lot easyer to quickly create a book from a large gamecollection.

We have now added native read/write/update support. In ChessPartner 5.4 PGN could be read and new games could be appendend. In ChessPartner 6.0 its also posible to update games in the middle of a large PGN file.