ChessPartner 6.0 is the long awaited successor of ChessPartner 5.4.

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The Dutch Computer Chess package for everyone, novice or experienced players are invited to play. ChessPartner has various levels of play and can take many challenges.

Works with Windows Vista and Windows 7. 

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  • Fullscreen 3d pieces
  • Full screen 2d pieces
  • Teacher mode
  • Play chess using internet
  • Bookwindow moves
  • Analyse
  • Database
  • Histogram

Teacher mode 
Just click on a piece and all legal moves are shown.

Play Chess using Internet
Being one of the first, ChessPartner offers the possibility to play against people anywhere on the globe. Using Chess Servers, you can challenge and play against others or other computer chess programs without the hassle of using a difficult user interface that characterizes most Chess Servers. Also possible to play without Chess Servers to other owners of ChessPartner, all you need to know is your friends IP address, this can be done via ICQ

Included are the timeseal and timestamp program's which are used with the Chess Servers to compensate for 'net lag' Now you never have to loose a game on time !

Enhanced Opening book Manager
Can manage up to 8 opening books in parallel. Includes strong learning algorithms. See the what's new section for more info.

Office 2000 style menus
New in version 5.0, customize your menu's and toolbars.

Nalimov tablebases
Support for the Nalimov endgame table bases.

Winboard/UCI adapter
The Winboard/UCI adapter allows you to use the ChessPartner interface with any Winboard or UCI compatible chess engine. The are many engines available on the Internet, most of them are free.

Native PGN support
Read, write and update PGN files.

Layout function
New function to quickly change the layout of your screen. You can create your own layouts. Comes with a number of useful layouts pre-installed.

Of course it's also possible to have a clear 2d board. A number of 2d chess sets are available.

Using ChessPartner, you can analyze positions or even entire games. ChessPartner's findings can be annotated in the moves list and/or kept in a file. These annotations can also be printed or copied to the clipboard for use in DTP or text-processor apps. In version 5.0 the analysis options are greatly enhanced.

Create professional looking reports using a true-type figurine font. Various reports can be printed, with or without diagrams, including you own annotations.

Copy and Paste
If the standard printing and reporting facilities are not enough, then using the Windows clipboard you can copy and paste games to your favorite text-processor, various formats are supported; text, bitmaps, true-type fonts.

ChessPartner contains a powerful database capable of handling millions of games, you can search on player, opening, tournament and a date range. You can also read or write games in PGN format.

Game histogram
The game histogram windows gives a graphical overview of the scores in the game, this make it easy to spot where you made a mistake. Clicking on that spot brings you to that position in the game.

Speaks to you
If you wish ChessPartner can say the moves it plays.

Interfaces to DGT electronic chessboard
Use a comfortable real chessboard to enter your moves. (board not included)

Engine Research Tool
For those who wants to test the strength of chess engines we have now included a engine research tool. This tool lets you play automated engine matches and automatically have the result as html pages. Read more about this tool here...

System requirements
PIII 500 or better, 128 MB RAM, 1 GB free diskspace, Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

Pricing and Ordering
You can try ChessPartner before you buy, download a 30 day evaluation version from this website, after the evaluation period you have to register the software to continue using it.

The price of ChessPartner is only 20 EURO  (tax may apply).

Buy now in our online store.

After registration you receive a unlock code to enable the software to function beyond the 30 day evaluation period and a download link.

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