The Dutch Computer Chess package for everyone, novice or experienced players are invited to play.
Now available for your iPhone or iPad.

ChessPartner has various levels of play and can take many challenges.
Now take your ChessPartner on the road and play chess everywhere.

Play against ChessPartner or invite your friends via Game Center.

The program works both on iPhone and iPad.

- Attractive board. Select from three piece sets.
- Color support, choose the color scheme you like.
- Choose from various layouts.
- Very easy to use.
- Load / Save PGN games. PGN files can be used to exchange games with your favorite PC chess program.
- Powerful PGN support, can handle very large PGN files.
- PGN files are automatically indexed for fast searches.
- Full support for variations.
- Strong Chess engine.
- Comprehensive opening book. Owners of the PC version of ChessPartner can even exchange their own created books.
- Use iTunes to transfer opening books and games.
- Unlimited take back and  move forward. Quickly navigates through your saved games.
- Shows computers thinking.
- Many different levels.
- Setup position for analysis.
- Analyze mode. Just browse through a game an let ChessPartner think about the game. Use it to analyze your own games and improve your play.
- Gives a hint. If you need some help, just tap the 'hint' button.
- Plays through Game Center. Invite your friends to play or make  new friends.
- e-mails games. Ideal for correspondence players. Can also directly load PGN games from e-mail attachements.

New in 6.0.2
- Fixed compatibility issues with IOS 6.
- Fixed handling PGN import from e-mail.
- Some other minor bug fixes.
- Added layouts for iPhone 5
- (This update requires at least IOS version 4.3)

New in 6.0.1
Bug fixes:
- Fixed missing goto move function on IOS5.
- Fixed PGN parser error.
New features:
- Better game navigation in variations.
- Swipe through games.
- Added clipboard support.

Available in the iTunes app store