This page requires Java support

The Java chess program on the left is a version of ChessPartner
written in Java. Of course not the full version, just a very small part of it !
A chess program written in Java is much slower then a program written in C or assembler, thus the playing strength will be much less as well. Note: This program is still under development, so please come back often, also feedback is appreciated.

Feb 2014. This applet may not work if you have Java version 7 update 51, in that case a security error may be shown. For a workaround see this article:


December 2006

Version 1.12 - Added some extra function for programmers, and after each new game players are swapped.

March 2005

Version 1.09 - Added small 1000 moves opening book.

January 2003

Version 1.08 - Added many parameters and options to make it better to integrate with your own website. See the included readme file for details.

21/22 February 2001

Added the option to setup a start position and some options to change the colors.

4 July 2000

The applet has been made freeware, you may download it and use it on your own website. Click the 'about' button for more info.

18-Sep-99 UPDATE

Fixed castle bug.

8-March-98 UPDATE

Added some simple positional evaluation, also setting dialog has some functionality.

5-March-98  UPDATE !!!

The applet does it's first moves, lots of work needs to be done, like positional evaluation, opening book .... many many more.
The speed isn't as bad as I suspected, on a P233-MMX with IE3.02 the speed is between 20000-30000 positions/second The top row shows:  depth, time in milliseconds, number of position, score (100=1 pawn), main variation.
I am interested in the speed on other platforms, please feedback !