LCHESS has been the predecessor of ChessPartner, as a design study a Java version has been derived from it. We called it "Little ChessPartner"

Is has not been fully ported, just a small part of it ! A program written in Java is much slower then a program written in C or assembler, thus the playing strength will be much less as well. Note: This program is still under development, so please come back often, also feedback is appreciated.

4 July 2000

The applet has been made freeware, you may download it and use it on your own website. Be sure to read the readme.txt and the license.txt files.

To use it, download the file and place it somewhere on your web server. Then on your page add something like this:

    height="400" >

Alternatively you can unzip the file and omit the 'archive' keyword from the applet definition, make sure you keep the directory structure.

If it does not work, don't complain, you get what you pay for :)

14 April 2002

For our French speaking audience we have a French version available here: ( version 1.04)

Januari 2003

Version 1.08 - Added many parameters and options to make it better to integrate with your own website. See the included readme file for details.

March 2005

Version 1.09 - Added small 1000 moves opening book

Feb 2014. This applet may not work if you have Java version 7 update 51, in that case a security error may be shown. For a workaround see this article: