Lokasoft is a company that develops computer chess programs for the entertainment market. Established since 1992.

The main author has been developing Chess programs since the early eighties.

The base for most of Lokasofts products is "Lchess", which is always in development and changing all the time. Lchess is the experimental version if you like and that program is being tested in e.g. the Dutch Open Championships for Computer Chess programs.

In 1996 Lchess has been designed from the ground up and is now fully 32-bit for Win95 and WinNT. Both a Dutch as a English version is available.

The Dutch version is called: Schaakmeester and is published by TLC Domus. The English version is know as ChessPartner, this is sold through the Internet.

In September 2002 we took over the activities of Schroder BV known from the Rebel programs. Since then we now offer products for the more serious Chess players.