Some IE9 issues

With the recent release of Internet Explorer 9 we found there are some issues with Java applets. This affects our popular Little ChessPartner applet. What happens is that IE9 may stop working and crash when the user is visiting a web page that contains embedded Java applets. The Java applet requires Java Plug-in and if you have Java Plug-in version 6: update 22 or update 23 installed, the web page may fail to load, and cause crash and reload of tabs with the following error message in the notification bar at the bottom of the web browser.

A temporary workaround is to run the site in compatibility mode.

Sun has released a new version of Java that fixes the issue – Version 6 update 24. Get it here at:

ERT update (again)

We found out the ChessPartner update package from Februari 3,  contained a faulty ERT program. We found the cause of the problem and replaced the update package with a proper version. See our downloads pages for more info.

ERT update

Today we have refreshed the ChessPartner update package with a new version of ERT. See our downloads page.

ChessPartner 6.04 updates

Today we released some updates for ChessPartner 6.04. It contains some bugfixes and a new feature in the book import utility.


engineext6.dll - version
- Winboard/UCI Adapter. Corrects a problem where the GUI would crash when an engine sends extra data before the intial UCI handshake is complete

cp6.exe -
- Corrected right click context in fics console ( added & to list of delimeters)
- Increased field lengths of player and opening names.

bookman6.dll -
- Added support for importing move color/priority

bookcvt.exe -
- Added support for importing move color/priority
- Added default file extension in creating new book

Avaliable from our downloads page or use this direct link.

New website

Today we have installed a new content management system. Overtime this will replace our old WebGUI based system

ChessPartner 6.0.4 Released

We just released ChessPartner 6.0.4. This is a maintenace release that fixes several bugs and has some small enhancements. You can download 6.0.4. from our downloads page at:

Summary of changes:

** Enhancements **
- Added option to kibitz/wisper final result and bookmove variants.

** Bug fixes **
- ERT - Corrected path of learning files for. Learning data is stored
  under appdata instead of in the applications path. The application
  path is not writeable under vista or windows 7 causing learnng to fail.
- ERT - Option -> Edit Engineext.ini file was opening wrong file.
- ERT - Engine import wizard no longer available from ERT. Must be run
  from within ChessPartner. Shows correct message.
- When importing an engine that includes a .cpeini file it was always
  displayed as winboard engine, even if it’s a uci engine.
- Fixed wrong matescore in epd analysis output.
- Also outputs score for mate positions.