Automatically saving games in a pgn file

Problem: I'm using Chesspartner and Rebel on an ICC account. Is there a way I can configure chesspartner to automatically save rebels games in a pgn file? Solution: First make sure you have a database open ( File -> Open Database or File ->... read more

The engine crashes when used as Winboard engine

The Gandalf 6 engine crashes when used as winboard engine under arena. It works fine when used as UCI engine. Solution: To use the engine as Winboard engine, the GUI need to pass xboard as command line parameter. See also the readme file. e.g. For... read more

How can I get DeepSjeng 1.6

I just downloaded and installed the updated version of Deep Sjeng from your homepage. I suggested to buy the new version 1.6 but the exe-files is still the old dated 12.02.2003 16:12 Start Deep Sjeng, the from the Help menu select "Help On the ... read more

What's this Load Brain, Store Brain?

You cannot turn it on, they're buttons. Store Brain saves the hashtables to disk, Load Brain loads them in again (you must not change the hash size when doing this). The idea is that if you are doing a deep positional analysis and need to stop the... read more