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I like to play on-line with a friend using ChessPartner, can you help me ?

The program has the option to play chess through the Internet. There are two methods, one is to make use of one of the public chess servers, the other method uses the build in function of The program to play to someone else using the same program.... read more

Automatically saving games in a pgn file

Problem: I'm using Chesspartner and Rebel on an ICC account. Is there a way I can configure chesspartner to automatically save rebels games in a pgn file? Solution: First make sure you have a database open ( File -> Open Database or File ->... read more

On freechess.org I log into the server as guest and it kicks off and on

We tested it here and there appears to be a problem with freechess.org. We tried the Internet Chess Club with a guest account and that worked fine. After further investigation we learned freechess.org does no longer accept guest accounts except via... read more

Is it possible to let the engine play against other (Chessbase) engines at the Chessbase online server?

The Chessbase online server uses a proprietary protocol which is not supported by the ChessPartner GUI. You can play on line on servers such as FICS or ICS. If you want to run the CT15 engine in the Chessbase GUI that is not directly possible. We do ... read more

I want to connect Chesspartner to chess.net. How do I make it work with accuclock to compensate for lag?

Download the program accuclck from ChessNet's website. Then place the files in your install direc... read more