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ChessPartner 6.0.4 Released

We just released ChessPartner 6.0.4. This is a maintenace release that fixes several bugs and has some small enhancements. You can download 6.0.4. from our downloads page at:

Summary of changes:

** Enhancements **
- Added option to kibitz/wisper final result and bookmove variants.

** Bug fixes **
- ERT - Corrected path of learning files for. Learning data is stored
  under appdata instead of in the applications path. The application
  path is not writeable under vista or windows 7 causing learnng to fail.
- ERT - Option -> Edit Engineext.ini file was opening wrong file.
- ERT - Engine import wizard no longer available from ERT. Must be run
  from within ChessPartner. Shows correct message.
- When importing an engine that includes a .cpeini file it was always
  displayed as winboard engine, even if it’s a uci engine.
- Fixed wrong matescore in epd analysis output.
- Also outputs score for mate positions.