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How to use the ChessTiger 2007 UCI engine in other interfaces 

Monday, October 25, 2010 8:20:00 PM


On this page step by step instuctions on loading the Chess Tiger 2007 UCI engine in some other interface. The procedure is similair for other UCI compatible engines. In this article it is assumed Chess Tiger 2007 is installed in its default directory. Default this is under:

c:\Program Files\Lokasoft\ChessPartner5.4\engines\ChessTiger2007

If you want to move the engine to another directory, ALWAYS move the content of the entire directory. Moving just a single file won't work. Also be aware if you move the directory, the native engine may stop working.

Fritz 8 and similar

The pictures are taken from Fritz 8, other versions are similar.

* Step 1 - From the Engine menu select Create UCI engine.



* Step 2 - Browse for the engine - you need to navigate to the lokasoft folder.



* Step 3 - Select the engine


*Step 4 - engine is loaded


* Step 5 - optionally adjust parameter.


* Step 6 - Select the engine from the Engine -> Change Main Engine menu.


Step 7 - Select the engine of choice, and be sure to set a suitable hashtable size.


That's all.