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Chess Tiger 2007


No longer available!

Using new search algoritms this version is estimated 80 points stonger than the 2004 version. With Chess Tiger 2007 another jump forward is made, this version has a totally new search algorithm that makes the program 4 to 8 times faster at long time controls. This is where most of the strength improvement came from.

But the engine also features new positional knowledge:

• pins by bishops (there was a bug in CT2004: it would actually AVOID making pins!)
• pawn majorities 2 vs 1 and how to block them when it is possible.
• more passed pawn knowledge.
• ...and more.

CT2007 is estimated 80+ elo points stronger at blitz than CT2004 (on a fast computer), and much stronger at long time controls. We still do not know exactly how much stronger it is.

As a Lokasoft special we have included a UCI version of the engine, this version can not only be used in ChessPartner, but also in other GUI's such as Chessbase and Arena.

Download version available now!
CD-ROM versions are expected first week of januari, 2007.